Public Presentation June 22, 17 in Jackson WY

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 11.52.37 AM

It feels incredible to be home. Jackson WY is where I grew up, where I learned to appreciate nature, where I first saw a bear, where I first learned the names of the flowers. And now I am home, working as a botanist for the Northern Rockies Conservation Cooperative and a wildlife guide for BrushBuck Guide Services. I am so incredibly grateful for this journey, my partners and teachers along the way, the good times, the hardships, and all the opportunities that have led me to this moment.

Join me Thursday, June 22, 2017 as I give the keynote address at the Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance Annual Meeting. I will be discussing my research and traverse of the entire Rocky Mountains in 2015 investigating climate change and fire in the alpine, then transition into my current work with Dr. Corinna Riginos of the Nature Conservancy, Dr. Geneva Chong of the USGS and Stephanie Dykema of the NPS to track shift in plant phenology (timing) over the past 50 years. Our work is based on the formative research of past biologist legend, Dr. Frank Craighead, where he made near daily observations of the natural world outside his cabin in Moose, WY in the 1970’s to write the popular book, For Everything There Is A Season: The Sequence of Natural Events in the Yellowstone-Teton Area. Now, 45 years later we are monitoring 72 of the same species to see if their timing (such as budding, flowering, and fruiting) has shifted in response to climate. We also aim to get as many people outside as possible through volunteer citizen science opportunities!!! For more, please email me at

And I hope to see you soon!


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