Please enjoy and share our documentary, Climb-it Change, that aims to raise awareness about the eminent impact of climate change on alpine ecosystems.

The story follows our expedition traversing the entire Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to Jasper, climbing formidable peaks, and collecting data in 76 alpine sites across 6 States, 5 National Parks, and 2 countries. Along the way we interview prominent climate scientists, professors, wacky climbers, and fire fighters who all have stake in the future of the alpine.

Here are some short videos highlighting a few of our epic adventures along the way. Click on the video or title to watch.

As often as we can, we will post segments on the Climb-it Change youtube channel:


THE DELUGE OF EAST SPANISH PEAK: Watch as Matt and I get caught in a flash flood in Southern Colorado as a result of “hydrophobic soils” after a severe wildfire.


PRUSIK PEAK: Jamis Bruening (a paleo-climatologist) and I summit the gorgeous Prusik Peak, West Ridge route 5.7, in the Enchantments of Washington. It was an epic ascent with a 9 mile approach through the Alpine Lakes wilderness littered with golden larches. All in search of Saxifrage!


FIELD WORK: This video summarizes our field methods for assessing the impact of climate change and wildfire on Saxifraga austromontana. We took measurements at a total of 76 sites across the entire range of the species.

Click to visit the Climb-it Change YouTube channel

STUCK IN THE POWDER: On our very first day in the field, Matt and I experience “premature escalation”- the urge to climb too high too early in the season, and well….get stuck in the snow! A few locals in a Jeep try to get us and my car named “Powder” out, but they too get stuck….watch as we comically struggle to escape Quartz Mountain. Hahaha.

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