The Adventure Continues: Our First Publication!

Despite a brief respite from adventure, the Climb-it Change expedition is not over yet. Here is our first product. Today, Donal O’leary, Chris Zemp, Jacob Smith, Dr. Medler and myself published in The Journal of Fire Ecology. Our research relates early snowmelt (a climate change signal) to increased wildfire in the Northern Rocky Mountains. Please take a look.

As the clouds of winter blanketed Bellingham, WA in a sheet of grey, we diligent scientists spent countless hours in front of computer screens analyzing our hard earned data. We have many interesting results, and I am excited to share them as they funnel through the statistical pipeline. This paper is the first of 3 I hope to publish from my graduate work, and I am continuing to piece together the documentary of our expedition. Exciting times…just not quite as exciting as summiting granite peaks! Good thing summer is just around the corner.

Click to access 041.pdf

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 7.33.01 PM

Check out our new article in the most recent issue of the Journal of Fire Ecology.

Matt and Trevor

Fall among the larches.



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